Other sites with free Bitcoins

Sites with free BTC

Name Description Link
BTCflow Fresh faucet. Prizes up to 1800 satoshis, one prize a day. Visit
Bitcoiner Random amounts of BTC. Completely for FREE!! Visit
Raining Bitcoin Large list of sites with free BTC. Visit
CoinURL Get BTC for people who click on your links. Visit
BTCFree Visit
Bitcoin Faucet 0.002 BTC. One time. Visit
Bitcoin for Captchas Visit
Bitcoin Tribe Visit
Daily Bitcoins Get free 0.0001 BTC right now! Visit
Netlookup Free Bitcoins Earn free bitcoins! Visit
Skude.se/BTC Visit sites to earn BTC. Visit
Coinslot 0.0001 BTC Visit
Feed Ze Birds Retweet for BTC. Visit
Free Digital Money Bitcoins for actions such as viewing ads, fillng surveys etc. Visit
Bitcoin Addict 0.00006 BTC, and slight chance of winning 0.01 jackpot. Visit
CoinAd 0.00001 BTC and some custom prizes for logged users. Visit
BitCrate Break a crate and get free Bitcoins! Visit
Freebtc.com Amount depends on pool. Visit
Paperco.in Faucet 0.0007 per 60 seconds! Visit
Getbitcoins.info Receive totally free bitcoins into your digital wallet Visit
MyCryptCoin Visit
Five Minute Coin Visit
Oscry 0.0001 BTC Visit
Bitcoin Dispenser Free Bitcoin lottery Visit
BTC4Free Complete surveys to gain BTC. Visit
Bitcoin Bonus Visit
DailyBtc Visit
Bunny Run Get Free Bitcoins Visit
Bitcoin Faucet Get some free bitcoins every 12 hours Visit
Bitcoins.so Visit
Bitcoin Services Earn BTC for copleting surveys. Visit
BitHits You will receive 2 uBTC per Submit Visit
Bitcoin Street Faucet Receive 0.0025 BTC for verify your phone number. Visit

Needs action to get free BTC

Name Description Link
Bitvisitor Earn free bitcoins for visiting sites. Visit
CoinTube.TV Free Bitcoins for Watching TV! Hourly Payouts! Instant Entertainment! Visit
bbitcoin Complete surveys and earn BTC. Visit
BitCoin4YOU.net Earn up to 0.42 mBTC every 24 hours. Visit
Earn Free Bitcoins Earn up to 24 uBTC a day and more! Visit
Free BTC Watch videos and earn BTC. Visit
Minecraft Faucet Playing minecraft? Get paid to mine. Visit
Bitcoinget Earn Bitcoins for watching videos instantly. Visit
Abitback Earn Bitcoin by watching performing actions. (videos, surveys etc.) Visit

Bitcoin pools

Name Description Link
P2Pool Decentralized Bitcoin pool Visit
Mt.Red Small pool with no fees. Visit
Deepbit Largest bitcoin pool. PPS and Proportional Mode. Visit
BitcoinCZ Big Slush’s pool. Visit
BTC guild One of the biggest btc pool. Visit
50BTC 50BTC pool. Visit
EclipseMC Eclipse Mining Consortium. Visit
Bitlc Bitlc mining pool. Visit