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Minimal payout

From now on, if you don’t reach minimal payout, you can’t schedule it.
Dreydahh (2013-05-28 19:51)

Bitcoin client update

Because of near bitcoin client update (0.8.2) in a few days “Pay me today” will disappear. This is caused by dust protections in the new version, which sets low limit of accepted input/output.
Dreydahh (2013-05-28 19:51)

Higher constant prize is giving away now 2 times more BTC! If page logo looks funny – clear browser cache.
Dreydahh (2013-05-28 16:32)

Higher bounty

Because of recent inconvenience until 23-05 21:00 CEST you get 0.00003250 BTC.
Dreydahh (2013-05-22 20:53)

Suspicious movement

If you get this error, please don’t worry. We are currently trying to fix that error. Please stay calm, and get back to our site tommorow, there will be much bigger prize.
Dreydahh (2013-05-22 19:32)

Server change

Today we are moving to another server. It may be unavailable for 24h because DNS servers need to update.
Dreydahh (2013-05-04 10:45)

Random prize

Site have now random prizes. They are randomly chosen twice an hour.
Dreydahh (2013-05-03 10:13)

New donation address have a new donation address: 1treezoTdyXQF1wgKzDjKJ2KAaUZts8fa.(avaible in the page’s footer)
Dreydahh (2013-04-24 15:29)

Payouts work again is running again. They had major DDOS attack on their servers (maybe goverments ;p) today. Today payout have been sent. Lets hope that they won’t be forced to close servers again in the future.
Dreydahh (2013-04-18 17:23) down

Due to malfunction, payments are delayed until will be online again.
Dreydahh (2013-04-18 17:23)

Bigger Prize!

It is nice to see how prospers. Thats why from today daily bitcoin prize increased to 0.0000025! So now you get 2.5 times more BTC everyday.

Dreydahh (2013-04-18 07:54)

Bitcoin crashes?

Yesterday it was 260$ today 100$. Bitcoin became a victim of its own success. Rapid price increase, also increased the number of BTC users. Servers of exhanges just can’t manage so much visitors, and every exhange became inaccessible. Everybody started to panic and worried about their money, tried to quickly, exhange it back to fiat currency and withdraw it. It may look bad but in fact we are just at the same price, that we were a month ago. Long-time investors propably should not be afraid and just wait until Bitcoin rises again.

Dreydahh (2013-04-12)

Instawallet accepts claims

Today Instawallet accepts claims for BTC refundation. All you have to do is fill the wallet claim form, which appears when you try to open your Instawallet. If your form will be validated, you will get your money on 2013-07-01.

Dreydahh (2013-04-11)

Other sites with free BTC

We have added bunch of sites which gives away free bitcoins, just like! Checkout them here.
We think that the best one is Bitcoiner. It works really fast and you get your coins the same day! Besides they have one of the biggest prizes out there.

Dreydahh (2013-04-03)

Instawallet down

Instawallet is shutted down due to security breach. On their site there are only announcement. They will payout cash from your wallet in few days, as soon as they get up after breach. All your bitcoins will be waiting until they will create this form.

Dreydahh (2013-04-03)

First payout sent.

First payout sent! We hope that it won’t be the last ;).

Dreydahh (2013-04-02)

Site launch!