Why I shouldn’t payout everyday?

Every transaction is charged with a fee. Fee depends on how much transaction weights. For every 1kB you pay 0.0005BTC. Because typical transaction is 200 bytes, you have to pay that 0.0005BTC. Let’s take a look at an example: You want to send somewhere 0.0005 BTC, which you have paid out everyday for 5 days from this site(or sites like this). You have made a few small transactions, each for these 200 bytes. If you add every transaction weight it will give you an enormous weight.
So if you are collecting your prize everyday you have to pay more fees caused by a very small inputs. To avoid that you can accumulate prizes from this site, and paid out it when you want it, but in one transaction wich have that typical size of 200 bytes.
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Why is there a minimal payout?

New bitcoin client have implemented dust transactions protection. Bitcoin network doesn’t accept transactions with low amount of BTC. If you want to get your payment, you have to reach the minimal limit of BTC. This sites limit currently is 0.00015930 BTC.

What are bitcoins?

You can find out here.

What is the purpouse of bitcointree.net?

This site’s purpouse is to popularize cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, by give away small amounts of it everyday.

Is it really free?

Yes it is! This site allows you to make free money!


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When payments are made?

Payments are made everyday, usually around 5 PM servetime(see below).


Server is in the UTC/GMT +1 timezone.

Suspicious movement?

This is an error that occurs when someone tries to get bounty for bitcoin address which already collected todays bounty. To get rid of this error you just have to wait untill the next day. If you think that you shouldn’t get this error, mail me at contact@bitcointree.net.


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Privacy Policy

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